Patriots Club - Waves Project

Support our Veterans...become a member of the Patriots Club with a monthly donation.

Patriot Member

A Patriot Member is someone who supports our programs with a monthly donation of $17.76. Your donation supports our programs for wounded veterans. Regular diving provides the most benefit to improve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety and nerve pain. Once they have completed SCUBA training the recommended dive schedule is every four to six weeks.

Sponsor Member

Your monthly donation covers the cost for a wounded veteran to complete the SCUBA Certification Course. This is the first step for participants in the program to realize the benefit of SCUBA to relieve symptoms of service connected injuries.

Your donation helps us change lives of wounded veterans. To learn more about our programs for wounded veterans,  click here.

Supporting member

Your monthly donation covers the cost for a wounded veteran to continue advanced dive training for an entire year. We have found the greatest benefit is reached when diving occurs at least once per month.

Veterans receive training in five specialties to become Master SCUBA Divers and qualify for additional programs and projects like Mission Oriented Diving - learn more about this program here.