Getting Started

Any veteran with a service connected injury who has a
VA rating can apply directly online.

Step 1:  Just complete the brief application for both the Veteran and their chosen companion (dive buddy). Application can be located from the menu bar or click here.  

Once the WAVES Project receives your application, it is reviewed and placed into a processing queue for training. After you have been approved to join our program you will receive a call from our training / programs department.

Step 2: It is required worldwide that anyone who participates in any Scuba Diving training must first complete a Medical Statement.

You will need to answer every question on the Medical Statement regarding your past and present medical history with a “YES” or “NO”. If you are not sure, answer YES, if you answer yes to any of the questions on the Medical Statement, you must consult with a physician (MD or DO) prior to participating in scuba diving training.

Level 1:
Try Scuba
Open Water

We started with a very comfortable introduction to scuba before you need commit to taking the...Learn More

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Level 2:

You’ve completed your SSI Open Water certification you’re probably wondering what to do next? Learn More

Level 3:

The primary reason to earn your Advanced Open certification is to expand your limits. As a certified Advanced Open...Learn More

Level 4:

The SSI Master Diver is focused toward those Advanced Divers who want to expand their diving knowledge...Learn More