No Limits For This Instructor

Leo MoralesLeo Morales is on a mission to change the perception of divers with disabilities. After a 410 foot dive Leo landed himself the Guinness World Record for the deepest dive by a person with a disability in Dec 2012.

Leo is 39 years old and has been disabled for over four years. In September 2008, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, chondrosarcoma, which was already well spread in his right leg. He was given six months to live. Leo underwent intensive chemotherapy and radiation that, unfortunately, did not produce any results. The only option left was to amputate his leg at the hip to prevent the disease from progressing, although he was only given a 20% chance to come out of the surgery alive. Scuba diving is the perfect activity for those with physical disabilities “In water we have no limits; we can fly, and I find it to be a great therapy in a world that allows us to be free and feel the freedom of movement,” says Morales.