Eileen Gaynor Memorial

A message from Tom Gaynor – posted on 6/24/2021: Peace arrived this morning just as the sun started to break the horizon. It was a beautiful sunrise. Eileen’s breathing was very labored though, the amazing night nurse checked in on her as she had all evening, we kissed her and said we all loved her,…

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In Memory of Alastair Nichol

Alastair Nichol passed away peacefully on March 21st after a five month battle with pancreatic cancer. Alastair was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, England in 1960. He moved to Kingston, Ontario, Canada at the age of eight with his family, where he lived until he completed his Bachelor’s degree (with honors) in Chemical Engineering at Queen’s…

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Tragedy strikes without warning

A message from the founders of the WAVES Project: Tragedy can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere without warning. It was a tragedy that inspired my husband Steve and I to begin the WAVES Project, watching the son-in-law of a lifelong friend learn to live without the legs and fingers he left in Afghanistan. Trying to find…

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