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Waco Merchant

One of the people who began working with the WAVES Project in the early days is Waco Merchant – US Marine Corps veteran and an SSI Assistant Instructor. Waco is also a veteran who received injuries to his body while serving, including cracked vertebrae and injuries to his knee and shoulder resulting in several surgeries.…

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Golden Eagle Properties Announces iShare program

When you buy or sell a home, donate to WAVES Project! You can donate to WAVES Project, just by using part of the real estate commission you would normally pay to list your home! Your donation may even be tax deductible.  When you list your home, investment property, commercial property, land, or other real property…

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Sergio Velasquez

Sergio and wife Mirlein in Iraq

Sergio Velasquez enlisted in the US Marine Corp in 1997 where he met his wife Mirlein who also served. They are both retired and have built a beautiful life together. He says the WAVES Project gave him hope that there were other forms of help than therapy and taking medication.

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