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Bonnie R. Casler

March is Women’s History Month and WAVES Project is honored to spotlight one of our “Women of WAVES” trailblazers.  Bonnie Casler, MSG, (Ret) joined the Army in 1977 after graduating from college with a degree in Education.  She was the last graduating class of WAC (Women Army Corps), which was dissolved as the Army became…

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Smokey Mountain Catering Leads WAVES Project Service program.

There are times in history where the worst situations will bring out the best in people.  WAVES Project is honored to recognize Jennifer Thompson for her creativity, dedication and leadership during the recent COVID-19 shutdown.  Jennifer launched “WAVES Project Feeds the Knolls” in collaboration with Shamrock Foods, Elks Lodge #2591, and the WAVES Project to…

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The effect of single use plastics on our oceans.

“Plastics. There’s a great future in plastics”. That’s the advice a young, aimless Dustin Hoffman received in the 1967 film, The Graduate. Turns out, that was great advice. When plastic was created in the 1950s, families celebrated the dawn of a new, convenient, disposable lifestyle. In 2016, nearly 168 million metric tons of single-use plastic…

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