Diving with Royalty

Saturday the 30th the WAVES Project headed back out to Catalina to work on the certification of more Wounded Vets.  The days group included a mix of vets and their buddies completing an Open Water class, more vets and their buddies starting an Advanced Open Water class, and several WAVES Project volunteers just having a great day in the water.  


We had a special guest with us this weekend.  Marina Inserra, the current Miss California, joined us.  Marina’s Aunt Cathy and Uncle Scott are part of the dedicated wonderful team of people who work with the WAVES Project.  Hailing from San Diego, Marina is also an Open Water diver. 

The day began with the normal trip across the channel with Catalina Express. From the start we expected some sketchy conditions due to the departing hurricane that wrought so much destruction on Catalina during the previous few days.  The trip across started to get our hopes up about day how the day would turn out.  Nice relaxing boat ride. 

Once we arrived at Casino Point we were in store for a treat.  All 20 or so of the WAVES Project warriors and volunteers circled around the flag and Marina sang the national anthem. It was really special.  As the other divers on the point realized what was going on, they all stood and respected our flag.    

Marina joined us for 3 different dives, watching some of the classes going on, and diving with her Uncle and his dive buddy (yours truly).  


Conditions at the point we’re spectacular.  Again we were concerned by the recent surge due to the hurricane, but what we had were nearly perfect conditions.  Surge was lite, visibility was estimated anywhere from 40-70 feet.  Maybe more.  And a uniform 72-73 degrees.  

As another special treat, Marina posed with several of the WAVE Project people in front of the Jacques Cousteau memorial plaque.  


I had an opportunity to sit down and chat with Marina during the boat ride back.  She is easily one of the most down to earth, grounded young women I’ve met in a long time.    

Please join the rest of the WAVES Project in wishing Marina well during her reign as Miss California, and in her quest to become Miss America.  I know she will represent us well!

Submitted by Steve Moss