Diving the Great Northwest

WAVES Volunteer and Dive Master, Richard Sweeney shared his recent diving experience in an area few of us have visited. We hope you enjoy his photos of some unusual sea life we don’t see in local California waters!

Hello Everyone! In 2018, I had the pleasure of diving the GNW (Great North West). Tacoma, Washington to be exact. The weather was brisk, beautiful and clear. The water was calm and COLD 52*ish. The diving WOW! Lots of colorful life everywhere. We found three Pacific Red Octopus hiding in the rocks. and a very friendly Wolf eel. No need to find the anchor to surface, because the boat (The Sampan) follows your bubbles. Once on board you warm up in the enclosed cabin with hot soup and fixins.

This trip was on my bucket list, But now . . . I need to return to the GNW to dive all the new sites that have be added to the bucket.

I hope several WAVES Folks can accompany me on the next trip!

Good Divin, Be Safe.

Richard S.