WAVES Chaplain, Sid Siez

Sid diving with the WAVES Project in Roatan, 2018.

The WAVES Project is pleased to welcome chaplain Sid Siez to their volunteer staff of veterans. According to WAVES President Steve Rubin “Sid will lend an ear and provide guidance to any veteran who is struggling, he comes from a position of – been there, done that”. He goes further to say that “since Sid completed seminary and three years of veteran’s court, he has a desire to help others avoid the same mistakes he made”

Sid grew up in lower income project housing south of Los Angeles with a “loving mother and an alcoholic father”. After joining the Marine Corp his buddies introduced him to alcohol which started a self-destructive, downward spiral that finally ended 25 years later. Now it is his mission to help others, with “no agenda, just there to help”. He is not a Counselor, Priest or Rabbi, just there to talk and guide. You can read his full story here: Sid’s Story

Mr. Rubin says Sid is “very humble about where he’s been and where is now. Over the years that he has been involved in the WAVES Project programs, we have watched him change, struggle and continue to grow into the man he is now. We are pleased he is joining us to offer this service to veterans who are facing challenges.”

In addition to offering a friendly ear, Sid writes a monthly column for the WAVES Website Blog offering practical tips on subjects like resolving conflict and setting meaningful goals. His service is offered free of charge to any veteran who has participated in a WAVES Project Program. He has established a website with information on other services offered and how to get help https://www.abetterurecovery.com