New VA Benefits

Exciting times for veterans and their health care. The VA will maintain an Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act. This new exciting program will be called the “Mission Act” This new system  will deliver the best care to our veterans like veterans have never seen before. These are some of the programs the VA will be offering over the next 60 days. 

  • A single, simple VA community care program, that puts the veteran at the center of your health care decisions. 
  • Expanded eligibility criteria for community care, including new access standards. 
  • Easier scheduling of appointments in community care network. 
  • A new and exiting urgent/care walk in programs for veterans. 
  • Continued strong relationship with the VA and your providers. 

What does all this mean? From my personal experience the VA needed to upgrade the scheduling system they had in place and the new urgent care walk in for veterans policy is huge. It will free up a lot of doctors at the VA for more serious medical problems at your local VA. It will benefit the veteran because veterans who used to have to make a appointment with his or her primary care doctor for smaller issues like common colds, flu etc. will be able to go to a urgent care in your area to get proper medications to combat the veterans sickness.

I want to thank our government administration for trying to better the medical attention veterans receive across this country. The VA has come a long way over the past two years. 

Again as a veteran, I am free to talk to about whatever going on in your life. 

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