February Military History

Points of interest in Military History are available online, many are available on the History Channel’s website – we are sharing some of the highlights here!

President Abraham Lincoln negotiating an end to the American Civil War

On February 3, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) and Secretary of State William H. Seward (1801-72) met with three Confederate officials, including Vice President Alexander H. Stephens (1812-83), to discuss the possibility of negotiating an end to the American Civil War, which had begun almost four years earlier in April 1861. Read the full Story Here

Soviet ship bumps the USS Yorktown

Soviet frigate Bezzavetny bumping USS Yorktown

The Black Sea bumping incident of 12 February 1988 occurred when American cruiser USS Yorktown tried to exercise the right of innocent passage through Soviet territorial waters in the Black Sea during the Cold War. The cruiser was bumped by the Soviet frigate Bezzavetny with the intention of pushing Yorktown into international waters. Read more on Wikipedia

Gulf War Ground Offensive Begins February 24th, 1991

Operation Desert Storm was conducted by an international coalition under the command of U.S. General Norman Schwarzkopf and featured forces from 32 nations, including Britain, Egypt, France, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. During the next six weeks, the allied force engaged in a massive air war against Iraq’s military and civil infrastructure, encountering little effective resistance from the Iraqi air force. Visit History.com for the full story.