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Kristopher Moorehead

Kristopher Moorehead joined the US Coast Guard in 2006 – his grandfather served in Vietnam and was a big influence on him, Kris says he is the main reason he wanted to serve. He served for 7 1/2 years defending our coast and was stationed all around the United States and US territories . He…
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Richard Silva

In 2000 at the age of 28, Richard approached his wife about his need to change up life a little. “I had a great deal of pride and a deep sense of patriotism and knew it was time for a change”.
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Patrick Runion

Patrick served in the Marine Corp for 4 years completing several deployments to Afghanistan. Many members of his family have served, including his grandfather who served during WWII. Now an active diver and WAVES Project Volunteer.
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WAVES Chaplain, Sid Siez

Sid Siez joins the volunteer staff of veterans with the WAVES Project. In addition to offering a friendly ear, Sid writes a monthly column for the WAVES Website Blog offering practical tips on subjects like resolving conflict and setting meaningful goals.
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Daniel Gililland

Danny served in the U.S. Army, as a 19K Armor Crewman where he was a tank driver, loader, gunner, tank commander and designated marksman.
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Michael Atkins

Michael Atkins joined the US Coast Guard in 1992 out of a desire to serve our country. He says he chose the Coast Guard because of their mission. After serving 20 years and 2 months he was medically retired.
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