WAVES Project – Texas

WAVES Project Texas is based in the Houston area led by Instructor SSG Jeffrey Pickard U.S. Army (Ret). Read more about Jeff and his service here:

Jeff began his open water training with WAVES Project in our California home office and completed the open water course in 2016. Because he and loved every minute of it he has continued training with the WAVES Project and in 2019 became an Open Water Instructor. After moving his family to Texas his love of diving and desire to give back to other veterans has given him the motivation to expand our project to his area.

Jeff teaching veterans in the classroom

Jeff has been very successful at getting the word out about WAVES Project’s programs for wounded veterans and has developed a strong group of volunteers and participants. We are expanding the training in Texas to make it available to even more veterans. Jeff currently serves as a Director on the WAVES Project Advisory Board. You can contact Jeff at 832-720-9743 or by email jeff@wavesproject.com. Veterans can apply to the program at this link

Jeff with divers in Texas

Veterans can apply to the program at this link